For items as unique and special as the person they are made for - just get in touch 

Celebration Bunting (up coming wedding) with hand written messages turned into long lasting stitches

Bespoke Child's Quilt with New York Skyline Name & Birthday - a future heirloom

Luxury Velvet Cushions with Stag Shield and Monogrammed

Set of Seven Bespoke Monogrammed Cushions - for Project Team Members

Unique Corporate Sew Art

Wedding Hand Fasting Ties More Than 300 Tartans Available. Personalise With Embroidery.

Daisy & Olivia in their Hand Stitched Kilts - Monogrammed


Wedding Cushion With Church/Date/Place & Reception Venue

Bespoke Family Tree Quilt - Unique 65th Birthday Present

Personalised Bunting For ALL Occasions

A Modern Twist On Traditional Gordon Clan Badge

Such A Cute Chihuahua Pillow

Sir Crispin Agnew's Coat of Arms Banner

Beautiful Napkins With Embroidered Thistles & Lace

A Memory Pillow made from a late Grandmother's favourite jacket, enhanced with some of her own handwriting; now a unique and very special gift for her daughter.

"It's Always Sunny In Moray" Cushion - With Big Red Tractor

Hand Fasting Ties - Embroidered Key Events/Dates/Places in Life Time of Bride & Groom

Bespoke Family Tree Cushion

Complete The Look With Co-Ordinated Lamp Shades

Bespoke Celebration Bunting

Child's Art Work Made Into Long Lasting Sew Art

Wedding Cushion Includes Date/Venue/Logo and Hand Written Messages into Long Lasting Stitches

Wedding Bunting Flags - Family Crests

Crazy Patchwork Cushion

Paisley Pattern Cushions

Personalised Children's Hooded Towels

Bespoke Horse Cushion

The Glasgow Alphabet - One Of A Kind Quilt/Wall Hanging

Make Your Favourite Tweet Into Long Lasting Sew Art

Scots Language Cushion

Clan Badge Lindsay Tartan Cushion

A Unique Retirement Cushion

Guests Admire SJ & Mike's Wedding Quilt With Hand Written Messages Into Stitches

Cool Alsatian Dog

Child's English Alphabet Quilt

Child's African Harvest Time Quilt

Child's Paleo Hebrew Quilt

Celebration Bunting Flags - Paleo Hebrew

Illuminated Letter "L"

Wedding Quilt - Sea & Tall Ships Theme - Lisanne & Jamie

Wedding Quilt - Hand Written Words Into Long Lasting Stitches - Ashton & David

Bespoke Cushion - Happiness Is...

Clan Lindsay Tartan & Embroidered Badge

YaHUaH Paleo Hebrew Bunting Flags (Glow in Dark Thread)

Turn Your Personal Hand Written Message Into A Long Lasting Personalised Gift

Children's Comforters & Quilts - Buzz Lightyear & Woody

Embroidered Highland Coos

Crown & Thistle Embroidery On Navy Velvet - Bespoke Cushion With Family Tartan

Children's Personalised Comforters & Quilts

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