The Gallery ~ A Sample of My Work 

For bespoke and personal items that are as unique and special as the person they were made for - just get in touch 

Hand Fasting Tie with Leighton Family Crest embroidered on Jewish Tartan

Celebration Bunting (up coming wedding) with hand written messages turned into long lasting stitches

Bespoke Child's Quilt with New York Skyline Name & Birthday - a future heirloom

Luxury Velvet Cushions with Stag Shield and Monogrammed

Set of Seven Bespoke Monogrammed Cushions - for Project Team Members

Unique Corporate Sew Art

Wedding Hand Fasting Ties More Than 300 Tartans Available. Personalise With Embroidery.

Daisy & Olivia in their Hand Stitched Kilts - Monogrammed

Wedding Cushion With Church/Date/Place & Reception Venue

Bespoke Family Tree Quilt - Unique 65th Birthday Present

Personalised Bunting For ALL Occasions

A Modern Twist On Traditional Gordon Clan Badge

Such A Cute Chihuahua Pillow

Sir Crispin Agnew's Coat of Arms Banner

Beautiful Napkins With Embroidered Thistles & Lace

A Memory Pillow made from a late Grandmother's favourite jacket, enhanced with some of her own handwriting; now a unique and very special gift for her daughter.

"It's Always Sunny In Moray" Cushion - With Big Red Tractor

Hand Fasting Ties - Embroidered Key Events/Dates/Places in Life Time of Bride & Groom

Bespoke Family Tree Cushion

Complete The Look With Co-Ordinated Lamp Shades

Bespoke Celebration Bunting

Child's Art Work Made Into Long Lasting Sew Art

Wedding Cushion Includes Date/Venue/Logo and Hand Written Messages into Long Lasting Stitches

Wedding Bunting Flags - Family Crests

Crazy Patchwork Cushion

Paisley Pattern Cushions

Personalised Children's Hooded Towels

Bespoke Horse Cushion

The Glasgow Alphabet - One Of A Kind Quilt/Wall Hanging

Make Your Favourite Tweet Into Long Lasting Sew Art

Scots Language Cushion

Clan Badge Lindsay Tartan Cushion

A Unique Retirement Cushion

Guests Admire SJ & Mike's Wedding Quilt With Hand Written Messages Into Stitches

Cool Alsatian Dog

Child's English Alphabet Quilt

Child's African Harvest Time Quilt

Child's Paleo Hebrew Quilt

Celebration Bunting Flags - Paleo Hebrew

Illuminated Letter "L"

Wedding Quilt - Sea & Tall Ships Theme - Lisanne & Jamie

Wedding Quilt - Hand Written Words Into Long Lasting Stitches - Ashton & David

Bespoke Cushion - Happiness Is...

Clan Lindsay Tartan & Embroidered Badge

YaHUaH Paleo Hebrew Bunting Flags (Glow in Dark Thread)

Turn Your Personal Hand Written Message Into A Long Lasting Personalised Gift

Children's Comforters & Quilts - Buzz Lightyear & Woody

Embroidered Highland Coos

Crown & Thistle Embroidery On Navy Velvet - Bespoke Cushion With Family Tartan

Children's Personalised Comforters & Quilts

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