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Sew-Art is the fabric upon which the tapestry of your life's most precious moments and personal experiences are forever inscribed in stitches for you, by Laura Westville. We create bespoke luxury goods including memory pillows, bunting, quilts, children’s personalised comforters, wall-art, traditional heraldry insignia, banners and flags.

Our handmade creations enjoy wide appeal among those who love something different. Our customers include discerning individuals, wedding/event planners and venues, interior designers, upholsterers, corporate businesses, public service organisations, specialist gift shops as well as international buyers looking to source a high quality handmade item from Scotland.

Prices vary depending on the size, the amount of detail and what you would like the Sew-Art to be made into. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the construction of your item. Depending on our schedule, special arrangements may be made if you would like your heirloom sooner.

What Others Are Saying

Gonfalon Flag
"It is very well made and much appreciated... Good flag makers a few and far between"

Sir Crispin Agnew

  • Coat of Arms
  • Edinburgh
  • Flags and Banners

  • Skye Wedding
    "The cushions are fab. Very well made, delicate, with great attention to detail. We are proud to present them to our brides and grooms in their signature gift boxes."

    Anne Gracie, Director of Toravaig House & Duisdale House, Hotel of the Year Winner 2013

  • Keepsake gift
  • Isle of Skye
  • Bespoke Cushions

  • HTC Europe
    "Great quality and attention to detail, the HTC One (M8) has never looked better on cloth"

    Bianca Spada, HTC Europe

  • Marketing Artwork
  • Slough
  • Wall-Art

  • Mothering Hap
    "When I breast fed my first child I used to live my life in 3-4 hr slots, as the thought of breast feeding in public made me feel a little uncomfortable. I got a LW mothering hap as a gift- not only is it beautiful, stylish and reversible. Personalised with my monogram; the quality and detail can only be appreciated when you see it in person. I now have the confidence to feed anywhere and no longer have to plan my days or nights around feed times - I wish I had my hap with my first child. It has also proved extremely handy as a blanket, pram blackout cover/ sunshade and changing mat! I would highly recommend - 5 stars!" - Emma
    Memory Bunting
    "The Bride and Groom were delighted and it looked amazing!!! Everyone was so impressed by it and the woman helping to organise the wedding was so blown away by it that all the staff in the hotel had been down to see it. Thank you all at the company - you have been wonderful to work with and the bunting was so so special." - Amy

  • Crowd funded Wedding Gift
  • London, England
  • Memory Bunting

  • Vee Cushion

    Dear Laura, I was over the moon to receive the great gift you made for me. I will treasure it always and I know my grandchildren will appreciate this unique family heirloom. Thank you,

    Best wishes, Vee.

  • Retirement Gift
  • Bedfordshire, England
  • Memory Pillow

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