What is a Memory Pillow

Hand written messages of love, best wishes and congratulations are converted to stitches and are then embroidered into the item, creating a high quality, long lasting treasured pillow

Fill out the form below and tell us about the occasion and the ideas you have for your bespoke memory cushion, you can also email supporting images

So Special. So Easy

We'll get back to you for a free consultation where we will chat about what fabrics, colours and style you would like to be included in your special item. Venue logo, address, date and other standard motifs which complement the theme of the event or special occasion can be selected to be included in the item


Please allow 2-3 weeks for the construction of your item. Depending on our schedule, special arrangements may be made if you would like your heirloom sooner. Or if you have cards from a past event, get in touch and we can create a memory pillow by embroidering the messages from cards

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