Memory Items

Laura Westville’s bespoke Memory Products are a fantastic way
to commemorate any significant event in your life

Made to order Quilts. Individual messages are sewn together to create a personal quilt that will last a lifetime.

Bespoke bunting flags with individual personal messages embroidered onto them. All flags are then strung together to create a fantastic array of bunting which can be hung up on the special day and brought out again and again, year after year.

Each cushion is entirely bespoke. The design and pattern of the cushion will reflect event colours, theme, personal interest, hobbies, careers, home decor etc.

Stitching special memories in time

- How we make our Memory items -

Laura Westville’s bespoke Memory Products are a fantastic way to commemorate any significant event in life. They are also the perfect group funded gifts for an engagement, wedding, birth, anniversary or retirement where a family, group of friends or work colleagues can collectively fund a unique and very special gift. Hand written messages of love, best wishes and congratulations are converted to stitches and are then embroidered into the item creating a high quality, long lasting treasured possession in the form of a pillow, throw, quilt, wall hanging or even a set of reusable celebration bunting flags which can be added to year after year. For a nominal fee we will create a secret web page for the special event.

Family, friends and colleagues can then individually purchase their personal messages online via this secret webpage to be included in the project. A cut off date will be established with the organiser to allow enough time for the item to be handmade as well as adequate time for shipping. From the cut-off date, please allow 4-6 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

Memory Products can also be created after a special event has already taken place from greeting cards or a wedding guest book etc. allowing the words of love, joy and happy memories to permeate and enhance your home or office environment every day. Get in touch to include your special event in our bespoke work schedule this year or add a Laura Westville Memory Product to your wish or wedding list!

This type of project requires a Champion. Someone to co-ordinate and chase all the participants to purchase their messages on time and before the cut-off date which will be established and agreed.

Description Price Per Flag Price per flag w/ Glow in the Dark thread
Bunting flag with personal message embroidered £12 £12.50
Bunting flag with personal message w/ selected motif on reverse side £15.50 £16

Pricing includes a free consultation by telephone and/or Skype to confirm colour scheme, choice of fabrics, thread colours and theme of the occasion; as well as a large Laura Westville keepsake gift box.

Size of Quilt Number of Messages Total Cost (excluding postage)
1.5m x 1.5m Up to 35 embroidered messages £1140
1.5m x 1.5m Up to 50 embroidered messages £1465
1.75m x 1.75m Up to 75 embroidered messages £2140
2m x 2m Up to 100 embroidered messages £2715

If the quilt is a group purchase (this could be an initiative to provide either full or part of the cost) the funding project will require a champion; someone willing to co-ordinate and chase (if necessary) all the participants to purchase their messages on time and well before the established cut-off date which will be agreed. There is a non-refundable fee of £25 (for a Memory Bunting project) or £35 (for a Memory Quilt project) to set up a secret webpage for the crowd [family, friends, work/club colleagues, invited guests] to purchase their flag or quilt square and add their personal message to be embroidered on it. This fee also covers the cost of the standard postage charge to deliver the finished Memory item. Once the number of participants has been established, a template will be issued either electronically (to download via the secret webpage) or in light cardboard format for the participants to complete and return. Personal messages can either be hand written and converted into stitches or if preferred, the message embroidered in a selected font. Venue logo, address, date and other standard motifs which complement the theme of the event or special occasion can be selected for “the other side” of the bunting flags. Once all the contributions to the Memory product have been received (on or before the agreed cut-off date) we will require between 4-6 weeks for the bespoke item(s) to be made and delivered to you (or the event venue). To initiate a crowd funded project for a unique set of Memory Bunting or a Memory Quilt, please get in touch well in advance of the special occasion to avoid any disappointment.

Size of Quilt Number of Embroidered Messages Price per Message
1.5m x 1.5m Requires at least 35 messages to be purchased £32.60 each
1.5m x 1.5m Requires at least 50 messages to be purchased £30.00 each
1.75m x 1.75m Requires at least 75 messages to be purchased £28.50 each
2m x 2m Requires at least 100 messages to be purchased £27.15 each

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