Life isn't about finding yourself
it's about creating yourself

Laura Westville Scotland Ltd.

Laura Westville is a family business based in the Highlands of Scotland. We create luxury pieces of sew-art that are as unique as the people they are made for. Sew-Art is the fabric upon which the tapestry of your life's most precious moments and personal experiences are inscribed in stitches for you

Enhance or Imagine?

Enhance products have been made to a point allowing you to make the finishing touches. Alternatively you can choose to use our Sew-Art services to imagine your own bespoke item. Have a look at our imagine pages for some inspiration and then get in touch. We would love to hear your ideas!

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HTC Stitched Up

One of our latest projects has been turning the new HTC One (M8) phone into Sew-Art!

We took this picture of the mobile and turned it into fabric and thread. This project took 211 minutes, has 63,243 stitches using 31 different colours

'Great quality and attention to detail, the HTC One (M8) has never looked better on cloth' Bianca Spada, HTC Europe

Have a look at the transformation process!

Memory Products

Memory products are a unique way to remember life's precious moments. Friends, family and colleagues special messages are embroidered in their handwriting to create a truly personal and beautiful item. Having each message embroidered means the item can be used and washed without fear of the messages fading or washing out.


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